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Time to dig deep and sacrifice something, anything, before boredom kills us all.

1. The Sacrificial seeks concise and creative work that makes us think differently, laugh uncomfortably, or even touches us inappropriately. Speak in tongues if you have to, just come fresh.

3. Short stories, poetic prose, commentaries, micro-essays, etc., with an approximate limit of 500 words each. Maximum of three submissions per month.

4. Send submissions to sacrificial@zoho.com, either in attachments or pasted in email. You’ll get a confirmation when we receive your work. If we haven’t chosen to publish your work, you likely won’t be notified unless there’s something pertinent to share.

5. Multiple submissions permitted.

6. Please be aware that we only publish about two issues a year and there’s only two works selected per issue.

7. There is no payment for all the money is offered to greedy capitalist gods. Rights for published work remain with you.

7. We ask that you comply with these simple rules or be creative when disregarding them. If you don’t, you risk being sacrificed alongside your pet goat, or worse, ignored.