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The Sacrificial - Issue II

Leap of Faith

The Sacrificial - Issue I

Politics, science, religion, with their lulling fixed facts and fiction, are raising sea levels and increasing shirtless selfies.

Time to dig deep and sacrifice something, anything, before boredom kills us all.

In this first issue, The Sacrificial begins its journey to carefully establish what voice it takes on, as well as trying to counteract the mass-proliferation of egos. So take a leap of faith because who knows how long you have before you hit the ground.

After having survived a leap of faith in the first issue, this time around it’s all about giving a hand, literally. So make some noise for the authors herein because your clapping days may nearly be over.

11.09.2018 CE

23.02.54 BCE

10.10.1521 CE

With the beheading of PFW (an invaluable resource for sacrificial works) and other busyness, The Sacrificial will be taking an indefinite break until further notice.

In Yucatán, five fattened boys are cut open, their innards offered to the pedophile idol of grease.

In the temple of Jerusalem, during the offering of qorbanot, a sheep is sacrificed so sinners can obtain forgiveness. “Baa, rivers of blood, rivers of blood.”

Giving a Hand

Past News

The Sacrificial - Issue IV

Things being crazy as they are, for this fourth issue we’ll sacrifice for you. In fact, two dead goats later and the world already feels like a better place. So read up before the ticking time bomb in your chest goes boom.


The Sacrificial - Issue III

The Sacrificial’s back for a third issue and things are out of control. So let go, just like the extinction of an entire species. Change (or lack of it) can be painful, but let’s believe it’s all part of movement that any otherwise wouldn’t have brought us here.

Letting Go

Issue I - Leap of Faith
Issue II - Giving a Hand
Issue III - Letting Go
Issue IV - Boom

The Sacrificial - Issue V

Issue five of The Sacrificial is here with gender-blending change. But, man, that carrot on a stick sure looks good. And, …woman, that hole we just fell in sure is deep.

Gender Blender

Issue V - Gender Blender

The Sacrificial - Issue VI

The Sacrificial returns for a sixth issue, two sixes short of meeting its Master. In the mean time, however, we explore the lonely journey and what it might take to appease the void inside us all.

Lonely Journey

Issue VI - Lonely Journey