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Are laugh tracks worse than pedophilia? Can you get fat using lip balm? We’d like to think so. See what we have to say about everything our anxiety-ridden readers ask us.

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A man in Toledo, Ohio was beat to a pulp during a leisurely walk. Police said it probably has nothing to to with the soul patch growing on his Adam’s apple.

To curb female genital mutilation, Ghana has passed a new law. With this legislation, victims will now be able to use the scrotums of offending mutilators to help restore their vaginas back to their beautiful state.

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Submission of the Month

Why doesn’t Lemon Antifreeze use Facebook?

Can I get fat using lip balm?


by calebtdm

if i was a cow

i would eat my mother

and milk her

in her death

Nope. It’s the nerves around the back of the throat that causes these protective laryngeal spasms. So, unfortunately, deep-throating is still going to be a choke.

If I get my tonsils removed will I lose my gag reflex?

Be like the Congolese businessman who was caught with one hand in the cookie jar and the other in his pants, coldheartedly leaving his wife and seven children for a Norwegian nudist formerly married to a Jewish neo-Nazi politician now turned celebrity chef.

My life is boring. So so boring. What can I do?

Grey feces.

I’m starting to get grey hairs. What else should I expect as I get older?

Yes. Try eating more fruit.

Forget Betteridge's law of headlines; this is a definite yes.

Are laugh tracks worse than pedophilia?

That’s not a question. Watch yourself.

I just wanted to say that I love Lemon Antifreeze!

That’s ridiculous, faggot.

Someone told me masturbation is a homosexual act. I’ve been really confused now, so I was wondering if you could tell me if this is true?