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An unconventional legislation was passed in Alberta, its aims to boost the province’s plummeting petrol-based economy. Law 737-1111 effectively eliminates the word pizza and replaces it, instead, with the word penis. For example, Pizza Pizza is now Penis Penis and Gabriel’s Pizza is Gabriel’s Penis.

While companies were reluctant at first, having to scramble to reprint signs, menus, and ads, Law 737-1111 appears to be working. According to early reports, we’re only three weeks into the implementation of this new law, and penis sales have already doubled.

Pizza Penis




the application of mustard on the male urethra (usually practiced to observe absorption rates)


mustard in Italian

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Pizza Special

It‘s well known that Whities are obsessed with Obama and the erotic and exotic nature of black penises. Who knows what their racist rationalisations are. But the fact remains that Black male genitalia are in pop culture, everyday conversations, porn, you name it.

So that’s why when Tommy Hangs of Newport News, Virginia tattooed his penis black, LA wasn’t surprised.

What a bright idea, Tommy! Keep all the White privileges while having the benefits of a big black cock.

White Body, Black Penis

Rumour has it that aging Irish rock band U2 will change their name to YouTube hoping to tap into the internet sensation’s success. Their first concert will be Make My Poverty History, a benefit concert to help Bono reclaim money he lost paternalistically obsessing over Africa.

Make My Poverty History will be sponsored by Bono’s favourite charities: Monsanto, DuPont, Cargill, Syngenta, Kraft and Unilever. The concert will also feature Bono’s good friend George W. Bush.

Africa Celebrates U2

Pay for a medium pizza without tax and get a large pizza for the same price you paid for the medium pizza without tax but with provincial tax only on the medium pizza and not the large pizza unless you want a small then just the federal tax on the large pizza only.

Walk in only.

Penis in under 30 minutes or it’s free!