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Submission Guidelines

1. Lemon Antifreeze seeks journalism with little real world restrictions. We suggest you read through LA News to get a sense of what we do and what we’re all about.

2. If you have anything that fits the bill, whether news, opinions, interviews, reviews, random oddities, or any other comically satirical disinformation that actually makes sense, send it our way at lemonantifreeze@live.com.

3. No minimum word count but nothing to exceed 250 words. Maximum of three submissions per month.

4. You’ll get a confirmation when we receive your work. If we haven’t chosen to publish your work, you likely won’t be notified unless there’s something pertinent to share. If you are published, articles will include byline and short bio. Rights remain with you.

5. If you’d like your efforts reviewed (music, literature, visual art, business, etc.) contact us at lemonantifreeze@live.com.

6. There is no payment except for the warm sensation that Lemon Antifreeze leaves in your stomach.

7. Please comply with these simple rules or be creative when disregarding them. If you don’t, we’ll give you a hickey and it’ll be awkward for everyone involved.

Come and share in the finest sourse of delirium.