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Climate change is happening: increasing natural disasters, desertification, rising ocean levels, ocean acidification, and mass extinction of species. But as dramatic as these changes seems, are we perhaps overstating their importance?

Animals have always impacted their environment, albeit not at this pace. Yet the kind of fear mongering that exists on climate change may be a direct result of humankind’s ego and the denial that our universal presence is minuscule and impermanent.

Faced with problems that appear too large or complex to deal with can be demoralising. The only way to surmount feelings of narcotisation is to accept that change is part of life.

We’re stardust, darlings, and our consciousness is transient. Like Bill Hicks said, “it’s just a ride.” So stop struggling, let go of control, and take a swig of mortalising Lemon Antifreeze.

Bill Hicks & the Pill They Just Won’t Swallow

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Brahman Butcher

Drugs are part of our lives. Those who clamour for a drug-free world are lying to themselves and everyone else.

Legal drugs, such as coffee, tobacco, and the vast array of pharmaceuticals, have had the benefits of a perceptive transformation. For example, the multibillion dollar Public Relations machine has turned alcohol (one of the most unprogressive and deleterious drugs) into an acceptable reinforcer of the status quo.

Yet enlightening drugs, such as mescaline, mushrooms, and Ecstasy, have been sensationalised and demonised by the media. Relegating these substances to the War on Drugs have been disastrous from the perspective of our human evolvement.

In the 21st century, the matrix illusion still persists. The question is, what pill will you take?

Hopefully the right one.

We’re Stardust, Darlings

What Pill Will You Take?

Seven dead beheaded cows later, the Brahman Butcher was finally apprehended. Skipping the trial, Indian authorities ground him up and cooked him into a burnt burger. Cattle, who are strictly vegetarian, were permitted to participate to the cathartic event.

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