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Would people see Hitler Germany differently if they’d used laughing gas instead of Zyklon B or the cheaper carbon monoxide alternative for their infamous gas chambers?

Would the Allied forces have invaded Germany if the Third Reich’s public euthanasia program (Action T4) was instead a public laughter program (Action H2O), yet still targeted toward political undesirables, racial minorities, homosexuals, non-binaries, and disabled people?

If only insane megalomaniacs had a softer side.

History is a Funny Thing

LAU studies show that salmons are very similar to experiential drug users. The behavioural patterns demonstrate that both would rather move upstream against strong currents and rapids than follow the rest of civilisation down to stagnant and fetid waters.

Salmon Drug Study

Submission of the Month

Several bicyclists in Portland, Oregon were forced to remove their flashing bike lights which caused seven epileptic seizures in total over the summer, one of them fatal.

The community, saddened by the news, are throwing a strobe light dance party in support of the victims of these tragic events.

Epileptics invited. Or not.

Epileptic Party


by libone

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Discount Medical Supplies introduces the Mini RCS 2 in 1. The portable respirator/catheter is partly assembled in America and is at the forefront of future medical technology.

While there have been reports about urinal cross-contamination in the oxygen tubes, passing up on the Mini RCS 2 in 1 could be even more dangerous.

*This is a paid advertising placement. LA does not fully endorse the advertised product.

Mini RCS 2 in 1*