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Bloodless Betty


Betty was a bloodless bitch who had a PhD in not giving a shit about parental involvement in the educational system. Her self-imposed reign of a backwater school was laughable if it didn't actually harm children by leaving them vulnerable to haggard teachers who saw their best years shortly after Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.

But this is the New South which strangely resembles the Old South full of mediocre characters with bad manners, bad accents and bad teeth. They like to pretend they are above the old feelings but the janitor, the lunch lady and the bus driver are still black and still ignored like brown furniture from a big plantation house.

Betty's injections have nosedived and now threaten to stretch her hairline beyond the platitudes she often spews between forced smiles. Like a true Southern Belle she believes smiling is the better part of eviscerating the truth. If she put the same amount of energy into improving schools as she does trying to drop kick Father Time this community would win every Scholastic Award known to mankind.

As a loving and devoted parent whom is worried his precious child is trapped in the hands of political hacks masquerading as educators I grow more impatient with the entire dysfunctional process and yearn for simpler days when teachers were teachers and not frontline instruments in the battle of social forces interested in everything imaginable but the future of my child.

I know that is my job. But I was expecting some help.

Mark Antony Rossi's poetry, criticism and fiction have been published by The Antigonish Review, Bareback Magazine, Black Heart Review, Collages & Bricolages, Cerebrus, Death Throes, Ethical Specacle, Deep South Journal, Flash Fiction,The Magill Review, Japanophile, On The Rusk,  Purple Patch, The Journal of Poetry Therapy. He currently writes a weekly science humor column for The Magill Review. His most recent play "Eye of the Needle" was produced by Grin Theatre, Liverpool, England and its youtube recording is available at the link below.


By Mark Anthony Rossi