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Lemon Antifreeze is the finest source of delirium, posting a wide variety of articles focused on twisted happiness.

As a spontaneous publication with little real world restrictions, it features specialised guests, novel products and diseases, odd affiliates, drug culture, soundboards, reviews, and a literary magazine.

So leave your meta-ethical confusion and bloody period pieces behind, Lemon Antifreeze is where the truth lies.

If life gives you lemons…

drink Lemon Antifreeze™


2016’s ready to close pools, cum to atoms, cut fingers off, put dog shit in newspaper boxes, and molest Caillou. Happy 5th Anniversary LA!

Drowning Lifeguards & Molesting Caillou

Accommodations for the tolerantly disabled, Law 777, tattoos for the dead, chlorinated cock addiction, & bracism. Time to roll the dice with LA news.

Accommodating the Tolerantly Disabled

The summer’s nearly over so LA’s coming hot one last with Rinse & Reuse, sexy oppression, & an interview with Brad “The Spaceman” Bob.

Rinse and Reuse Condoms