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Politics, science, religion, with their lulling fixed facts and fiction, are raising sea levels and increasing shirtless selfies. Time to dig deep and sacrifice something, anything, before boredom kills us all.

Sacrifice something

LA News is the finest source of delirium. As a spontaneous publication with little real world restrictions, it features specialised guests, novel products and diseases, odd affiliates, drug culture, reviews, and more.

It’s where the truth lies


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Lemon Antifreeze presents the net's first soundboard of Matilda’s legendary Miss Trunchbull.

Here’s a Susie Greene Soundboard for all you four eyed fucks and fat pieces of shit.

Listen to our Billy Brown Soundboard before we take a bite out of your cheek and shit you out.





Issue V of The Sacrificial is here with gender-blending change. But, man, that carrot on a stick sure looks good. And, …woman, that hole we just fell in sure is deep.

The Sacrificial Issue IV is out with a few beats to keep you going a little longer. So read up before the ticking time bomb in your chest goes boom.

In a landmark deal, Lemon Antifreeze acquires Sorrowland Press for 20 gold coins. Abridged access to these historical publications available soon.

I wuz just like u. I thought Lemon Antifreeze wuz a joke. Its not. Trust me. lol. Its happiness in a bottle. Like a genie. Lol.”


Reading this lemon antifreeze drivel feels like being on an intravenous drip full of piss. You’re all retarded.”


Shitting, eating it, shitting, eating it. This process, cyclically, makes me think of lemonantifreeze.com. Please shutdown this site.


“Lemon Antifreeze is the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m super duper happy now so get some today!”


If life gives you lemons...

Perhaps a succession of catastrophic relationships and brute luck bafflement will make you this insane. However, desperate times are a call to action, not an excuse for the unresisting acceptance of habitual suffering.

There are choices.

So throw your historical preconceptions out, regurgitate your meta-ethical confusion, and drink up. We will attain happiness, friends, by any means necessary.

The Sacrificial
LA News
Miss Trunchbull Soundboard (Matilda)
Susie Greene Soundboard (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
Billy Brown Soundboard (Buffalo 66)